Wednesday Class

Wednesday Class

Wednesday Class

Dear BritZoners,
Wish you always have a good day!

I intentionally post this event earlier in order to get more class participant on Wednesday class.

So, for this Wednesday class, we have Lia Octavia and Aulia Prasetioadi who will share their personal experience for the second time about their trip (again). They will “bring” our class into Jogjakarta, Central Java! Wow, it’s cool, isn’t it?

But well, it’s just our class topic. They will share about “Jogja : Infinitely Ours – An Adventure of a Lifetime part 2″. So many things that they have explored along their trip a few weeks ago, so just prepare your book note and write down for the best spot there.

Wednesday (September 25th, 2013) at 6.30-8 pm, at Kemendikbud’s library.

See you there soon! Don’t forget to come to our ToC Class tomorrow, the topic will be announced sooner.

PIC – Abdus Somad, Kimura Kenji and Puri Hukmi Lestari.

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Dear, the lost souls of BritZoner! Hello, zombies and ghouls!

We, the committee of Britzone, proudly announce the 2nd edition of BritZone Fright Night!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this BritZone event, it’s an annual BritZone class where you are shown scary movies and read scary stories in English to gain both fun and knowledge of expanding your ability to communicate in this universal language while adding new experience in horror.

BritZone Fright Night will take place on the next Wednesday, August 21st, 2013. It will be started from 6.30 pm ’till…well, ’till we scare the heck out of you BritZoners (LOL). The location remains in Kemendikbud’s library.

We’ll be waiting for you! Wahahahahahahahahahahaha (evil laugh)!!!!

SERIOUS WARNING: Senior citizens, pregnant women, and anyone with a heart condition are extremely advised to avoid Britzone Fright Night in any way. The content of the class might be shocking to the faint hearted. Following this announcement, we of the BritZone committee have fulfilled our duty to remind you of the BritZone Fright Night offering. Thus, we cannot be held responsible if something happens when you decide to go against this warning despite your health condition. For your time and attention, thank you.

Our warmest greeting,
PIC Wednesday Class (Abdus Somad, Kimura Kenji and Puri Hukmi Lestari) & The Conductor Omar Rasya Joenoes

BZ Wednesday Class

Liberty and In Pursuit of Happiness

Liberty and In Pursuit of Happiness

Have a good day, wish you have had a nice holiday a few days ago

Here I want to share an information related with our fabulous classes, and tomorrow will be our first class after Ramadhan and Idul Fitri holiday. In this occasion, the class will be conducted by our President, Madam Rina Kurniawati who will be talking about “Liberty and In Pursuit of Happiness”.

So, don’t miss our moment to meet each other in the class. On August 14th, 2013 at the same time at the same place, 6.30 – 8 pm at Kemendikbud’s library.

See you tomorrooooooow!

PIC : Abdus Somad, Kimura Kenji and Puri Hukmi Lestari.

BZ Fast Breaking 2013

Dear universe, Dear BritZoners,
Have a nice days, have a nice fasting time :)

Here, I officially want to share some precious informations related with our Ramadhan program, that’s BZ Fast Breaking 2013.

As we have seen on our surveys a few days ago, now we have decided that we will hold that event with these details :

Day, date : Saturday, July 20th, 2013.
Time : 5 pm to ends.
Place : Warung Desa, located at Jalan H. Agus Salim (Sabang) No. 55A, Central Jakarta. (+/- 300 meters northern of Sarinah mall)
Price : 40000 IDR / person (including main course, drink, ta’jil and of course an unforgettable moment)

For you who have knew that place, you can directly go there, but we officially will try to reach that place after BZ Saturday Class, around 3-4 pm.

Now, if you have seen these informations, we’re wishing your participation to this event and need your reservation sooner due to limited seat. So, if you want to reserve your seat, just feel free to contact :
- 083877684644 (Adhie Aulia Prasetio), or
- 087878969220 (Rina Kurniawati), or
- 085880851559 (Abdus Somad), or
- 082125929068 (Lia Octavia).

Don’t forget, your RSVP is totally needed soon, due to limited seat! So you won’t regret.

Thank you and see you there!

Cheers! :)

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Gap Between Industry and Academy

BZ Wednesday Class Poster

BZ Wednesday Class Poster

BritZone Wednesday Class (July 3rd, 2013). The topic was about “Gap Between Industry and Academy : Problem and Solution”. It was conducted by Akhmad Sofwan, an IT expert a.k.a technopreneur. At the first time he was contacted the PIC of Wednesday class, he wanted to bring a topic about the same topic above, but he wanted to added a particularly on computer major in university. But when the day come closer, he was confirmed the PIC that he wouldn’t talking with particularly in coputer major, but it would be more common.

The day was a little rain, the PIC felt a bit worried what if Akhmad Sofwan couldn’t came due to the rain or traffic jam, but thanks God he was came on time. Evidently, before he came inside, the PIC met Doni Sumitro, one of BZ member, and he was asked to the PIC “what’s the topic and who/s the conductor?”, then the PIC said “we’ll talking about Gap Between Industry and Academy, conducted by Akhmad Sofwan. You know Sofwan?”. Then Doni said again “Oh god, of course I know him. He’s my bussines partner, who’s supported IT in mine, and I just met him this morning, but yeah this is so unpredictable that I’ll meet him again here (BritZone class)”.

Then after Sofwan came to the class, it was looked like a little reunion among Doni and Sofwan, while the PIC waiting for the other to come to the class, a moment later one by one member came. The class has begun!

At the beginning, Sofwan made a little table about the difference between industry and academy, we can see at the table below :

Table of The Difference Between Industry and Academy

Table of The Difference Between Industry and Academy

The conductor was tried to stimulate the people who came to speak up their opinion about their own experiences. I think, still so many people who had so many opinions and experiences related to this topic, but the time was not enough to told all of them. Perhaps in the next session with the similar topic, everyone will tell what their heart want to say.

The points that the PIC can get about this topic are :
1. Academy as the non-profit institution, sometime still give a higher price to the students, that’s why in Indonesia still so many people who are decided to not continuing their study in university.
2. Mostly, the industry are only concern to GPA-oriented for their students, so if you have a higher GPA the company will take you as the employee, but if your GPA is worse so the company will diselect you from the list.
3. There’s still a big competition in professional world.
4. Mostly students didn’t make the plan before they were took a major in the university, so the knowledge that they have got will be useless.
5. The academy should be combine the basic knowledge with the entrepreneur skill, so the students can solve the problem of unemployment in Indonesia.
6. Mostly, the students took their major because what their parents want, to follow their culture to not fight the parents in every way in a good purpose..
7. The government should make a standarization for curriculum in Indonesia, a single way for continuously time, so they no need to change the curriculum in 5 years time range.

The time was running out and Sofwan tried to made a conclusion about his topic, the result is so many perceptions related to his talks but the time was over. And the PIC would close the session. Before it was really closed, there are some new comers. Two of them are the news anchor or reporter on Kompas TV, the rest are assistant lecturer and seaman. After that, the PIC told the class that it was the last BZ Wednesday Class (for temporary) in order for celebrating Ramadhan and also there two members who had a birthday several days ago, they are Yudha (former BZ President 2012) and Doni Sumitro. It was an amazing temporary-epilogue Wednesday class, memorable!

And here are some photos documentation of BZ Wednesday Class (July 3rd, 2013) :




July 3rd, 2013

July 3rd, 2013

PIC Wednesday Class.


Hi Britzoners,

Jakarta recently celebrates its 486 anniversary. It is a quite mature age for a city, isn’t? In fact now Jakarta has turned into a developed megapolitan city in the world. As a Jakartan also Indonesian citizen, I believe we have hopes, dreams, and wishes for a better Jakarta in the future . In this occasion,. Britzone is holding a trivia quiz “MY HOPE FOR JAKARTA”. We would like to hear your hope and wish for Jakarta. To follow the quiz is pretty simple:
1. Follow Britzone Twitter @britzoneID
2. Tweet your hope and wish by mentioning @britzoneID #I Hope Jakarta ……
The quiz is open until June 29th, and five lucky winners will receive Britzone merchandise. A simple hope might turn into a powerful prayer. Let’s hear your hopes!!

Warmest Regards,

Rina Kurniawati

BritZone in the Pre-Event Indonesia Community Network 2013


If it wasn’t because of R.Andika Yudha, Britzone would not be able to participate in the pre event of Indonesia Community Networ (ICN) 2013 on 1st June. So, on behalf of myself, I am thankful to him that Britzone could be part of the program. Not just as regular participants, but to lead the forum group discussion which is the main program of it. In this quite prestigious event, I certainly would not hesitate to take part. Without any hesitation, I as the representative of Britzone agreed to be group discussion leader, which was named as Care Taker. As a Care Taker, my job was to lead a group of communities which engaged in education. In the forum group discussion, there were five others groups that took part including lifestyle, environment, technology and media, arts and culture, human rights. The reason why Britzone was appointed Care Taker is because that it has quite reputation in social education. And it was a privilege for me to have the role of a care taker.

The forum group discussion started after the opening ceremony and lunch. It began at 1 pm on the 4th floor of Function Room in Novotel Hotel in Gajah Mada. As the caretaker, I wasn’t alone. I was accompanied by my best the one and only vice president of Britzone, Fajri Muslim. He acted as secretary, to write down the summary of the discussion. I stood in front of more than twenty people which came from different communities in education. There were representatives from Cewek Quat, Rumah Jendela, Save Street Child, Youth ESN, English Optimizer, Perhumas, Lingkar Ganja Indonesia, Indonesia Engineering, dan Sahabat Anak. The first thing we did in the discussion was introduction of each community representatives. In half circles, everyone introduced himself and told about the community activity and what it had achieved. Education forum group was the most crowded group compared the others, so for the introduction it took for an hour. Half of the time that had been scheduled on. The other half of the time was the discussion with the format that had already been determined before. In the discussion we had to decide the goal or objective of the group, we had to come up with certain activities that we wanted to do together in order to achieve the goal. The activities involved in five aspects including beneficiaries and society, media, government, donors, and other communities.

Overall, the group shared the same belief that education is an essential part for Indonesian people, and the responsibility do not fall on government only but also to the society. Community is there to support government in educating its people in the areas where the government presence is not there. What the group is trying to voice is that through community, larger part of community can contribute to give alternative ways to education and more people who have difficulties in accessing good education still can have it. In this ICN event, it is hoped that with the same shared experiences and values, communities can work together to make significance difference to the society through education. The strategy is by doing integrated activities in the five aspects, which is the use of media, society, government, donors and between communities. ICN 2013 was a great media to meet and connect with other communities and as a basis for further positive collaboration in order to give more significant impact to development and changes.

Written by: Rina Kurniawati

BZ Wednesday Class – Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

Hello June! Hello Wednesday!

Dear BritZoner,
Have a good Wednesday :)

For this occasion, we will discussing about “Ghost Writer”. What’s that? That’s not about talking about ghost or about movie. It’s about to write something that credited to another person. And our conductor Puri Hukmi Lestari will explain more about this topic.
So don’t miss this class, tonight at 6.30-8 pm at Kemendikbud’s library.

Thank you and see you there soon :)
PIC : Kimura Kenji, Abdus Somad and Puri herself.

Britzone Sticker

3 Exclusive Designs

3 Exclusive Designs

Another Britzone Merchandise :
Britzone Sticker. Great sticker for motorbike or another stuff only prices from 2000 IDR for the white background, 3000 IDR for the British Flag background and 5000 IDR for the longest one.
So, for a whole package is only 10000 IDR
, with buy these stickers or another merchandise, it means you have supported BZ for the next programs.
How to get it is just come to the class and contact us. Or by order first to Abdus Somad in 085880851559 and meet him in the class then. These stikers are looking for their owner soon, so grab it fast!

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